If ever there was a tool with an appropriate name it must be the muck fork. Whether for use in a garden, stable, smallholding or farm, to paraphrase a well-known slogan: if it was delivered in a tin it would do exactly what it says on it! If we were to be more polite about it, it might well be known as a manure fork; though how it's used would remain the same.

Making the best use of a muck fork

Here are a couple of ways you can use this implement, either as an aid to cleaning or to spread manure:

# In a stable or barn: if you deal with horses or other livestock, then you'll have to deal with manure, often mixed in with matted straw or shavings. It can also be used to shake out and loosen compacted fresh hay as you spread it on the stall floor

# In a garden to spread manure, either onto ground being prepared for planting, or to carefully add close to the base of certain, already in situ, plants

Finding out more about Caldwells Muck Forks

Here at Mandy's Tools, your source for so many outdoor & gardening tools, we offer a selection of famous Caldwells Muck and Manure Forks. The ideal muck fork offers a four-pronged working area. These tend to be slightly more separated than a typical border fork, making it easier either to collect or spread the manure you are dealing with.

There are a couple of choices of handle shape: either the YD for a tight grip or the comfortable-to-hold T handle. Manufactured with a tubular steel shaft, this results in a typical muck fork having a lightweight yet reassuringly sturdy feel. The prongs are a foot in length, allowing for a generous pickup area in use. At the same, the overall weight, at considerably less than one and a half kilos, certainly won't drag you down!

Where there's muck there's value

That's us paraphrasing another old saying. Our trio of Caldwell's Muck Forks offers great value for such a well-constructed, easy-to-use and valuable farm, stable or garden implement. Incidentally, if you can find glamour in cleaning up or spreading out manure, it will probably only be by choosing our superb pink-handled option!

A century or so ago, Australian-born author Elizabeth von Arnim suggested that 'The longer I live the greater is my respect for manure in all its forms'. We're not sure we entirely agree, but it certainly does either add benefit to the soil, or relief to the animal. Either way, these manure forks will best help you deal with it...