As one of the most essential items in any tool kit; we pride ourselves on our huge range of hammers. This blog discusses what the different types of hammers are, how they are used and who should use them!

“Hammers” have been around for over 3 million years, but not in the form that they are now! Hammer stones were hard stones, that were used to hit softer stones in order to break them, and to create cutting and killing tools.

The hammer has come a long way since this, and come in handy for a massive range of daily tasks!


This is the most commonly used type of hammer out there. The flat face on these hammers are used to strike nails, and the claw end is used to remove them. The claw hammer is an essential for any tool kit!

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Ball Pein

These hammers are similar to the claw hammer but have a ball end instead of a claw. The ball on this hammer is typically used to flatten and shape metal and wire. It can also be used for removing dents.

If you work in design, technology, or metal work, this hammer is a must for your tool kit! You can shop our ball pein hammers here! We have a range of sizes and handles.   

Rubber Mallet

Rubber mallets are great for lighter duty tasks that don’t require much force or movement. They are also good for driving chisels and other tools as their heads do not damage the things that they strike.

It is important to be wary of these hammers as they can bounce back if they are used with too much force!

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Our trusty double faced sledge hammers are great for demolition and construction work. Their super long handles and heavy heads are perfect for swinging and hitting objects with force.

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Mini Sledge

Also known as a club hammer or lump hammer, these are a must have for those working on construction sites! Like the sledge hammer, these are great for demolition work, and are also great for hitting cold chisels and breaking masonry.

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