This month, we have chosen to show off our huge range of tarpaulins! They’re great for any kind of outdoor use and will be sure to protect anything from that horrible UK rain, and and glorious heatwaves! Read on to see what their uses are, and how you can get yours with 10% off!

Why do Mandy's Tools sell Tarpaulins?

We sell tarpaulins because lots of our customers are in the agricultural industry, and they use them to cover up their trailers, tractors and other industrial tools. Not only does this protect them from rain, sun and travel, but it also keeps precious items hidden so they are not visible to anyone else!

What’s so great about them?

Our tarpaulins come in all different colours, thicknesses and sizes, ranging from 1.7m x 2.6m to 7m x 9m. These amazing quality tarps will protect your precious belongings for as long as you need. They’re super resistant against tearing, UV, mildew, wind and more.

They are super easy to tie down and can be secured onto almost anything with their metal eyelets. They can be easily tied down using BungeesClamps and Cam Buckles.

Do I need one?

Our tarpaulins are recommended for applications such as general building and construction work, temporary partitioning, welding screens and roofing, covering and agricultural use.

But don’t limit yourself! Tarpaulins are the most useful piece of equipment and can be used all year round! Here are just some suggestions on how you can use yours:

  • Scaffolding protection
  • Boat coverage
  • Protect your car from all weather
  • Make a tent!
  • Make a Canopy
  • Get arty and don’t worry about making a mess
  • Waterslides in the summer!

What’s The Deal?

Because we want to celebrate our tarpaulins, and we want you to love them as much as we do, we are offering a massive 10% off anything in our range, when you buy 2 or more! Simply add your favourites to your basket, and see the discount applied at the checkout!

Check them out here