With uses for absolutely everything, these simple rubber buckets will be sure to blow your mind in one way or another. This blog explains exactly what trugs can be used for, and why our trugs are simply the best!

We have been selling Trugs for as long as we can remember here at Mandy’s Tools, and we personally rely on them for so much! They make great display bins, they hold liquids like a dream, and they help us to stay organised!

Everybody will find themselves needing a set of Trugs at one point in their lives, and here are just a few uses that anybody can have for them!!

  • They will help you keep any bedrooms organised, even the kid’s!!
  • Great for gardening, transporting weeds, soil, plants etc.
  • Avoid camping nightmares!
  • Perfect for storage of anything, keep one in the car, or organise your garage!
  • If you have horses, these will be your saving grace!
  • They’re helpful with housework.
  • They will catch and store oil, water, and any liquid you can think of.

These Red Gorilla tubs have so many brilliant features that make them irresistible:

  • The measuring marks on the inside will always keep things accurate.
  • Golf ball handles give a safer, sturdier and comfier grip, meaning that you can carry your Trugs for longer!
  • They’re flexible enough that you can easily carry them; but are sturdy enough to hold their shape and avoid that awkwardness when carrying!
  • They’re made from 100% recycled material and make great replacements for plastic bags.
  • They make great replacements for plastic bags.
  • They’re frost and UV resistant, so you can keep them outside forever if you like!

We sell these rubber tubs in all different shapes and sizes, making sure that there is a tub for every occasion!

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