Father’s Day can be a sorrowful or a joyous occasion for so many. We want to use this occasion to celebrate loved ones that are no longer with us. We wanted to take the chance to celebrate Mandy’s Father Jeffrey and reflect on everything that he has done which has led up to the existence of Mandy’s Tools.

Jeffrey has always had a passion for selling, and selling tools was just one of his many fads! He and Mandy would work as a team, selling all over the country on market stalls, not online as we are now.

They often used to compete to see who could get the most sales in a day!

When Jeffrey developed Parkinson’s disease, he carried on working with Mandy for many years. He was always in high spirits, putting smiles on people’s faces every day!

Some years later, he decided that he needed to take a step back from his business and Mandy decided that it was the right time for her to take over, and Jeffrey could work for her instead!

She set up shop in her very own home, where it still remains today. With everybody pitching in, she was up and ready to go in no time!

The business now known as Mandy’s Tools went online and started to grow so much that Mandy had to hire employees to help her sell more and more! But Mandy still stays true to her roots and has a warehouse for customers to visit and buy from, and she also attends a tool sale once a month.

Jeffrey has seen Mandy’s Tools grow into what it is now and always loved hearing about the latest business ventures. He would often suggest his own ideas on how to grow the business!

Mandy has now been featured in Father’s Day campaigns run by eBay for 2 years in a row. Although Jeffrey isn’t here to see this year’s feature, we feel so privileged to have the chance to celebrate him and show our gratitude for allowing us all to be here today, selling tools with a passion!