As we all already know, February has broken all records with its unexpected warm weather. People have been racing outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, and even having BBQ’s!

Now we are into March, meaning that Spring is just a mere 20 days away!! There is no better time than now to begin preparing for the Spring and Summer months, where you can make the most of your garden by doing those outdoor bits’n’bobs that you’ve been meaning to do since last year.

It’s time to get motivated and see our list of the essentials that you will need to be prepared for the spring!

  • Hand gardening tools: With gorgeous matching handles, these are the sturdy tools that every home needs to get rid of those pesky weeds and plant gorgeous plants and flowers in their place.
  • Border spades and forks matching the hand tools above, these lightweight tools are a must have for any avid gardener.
  • Digging spades and forks: Complete this stainless-steel set. These tools all together will make you unstoppable in the garden, and they look great when stored together too!
  • Trugs: There is nothing that you can’t do with a trug, so they just had to be on our spring list! From collecting weeds, filling with water on those scorching days, to organising your garage, they are bound to help you out in one way or another.
  • Gloves: Always a must to avoid those green fingers!!
  • Bowsaw: For those pesky branches that keep getting in the way!
  • Tarpaulins: Leave your lawn chairs, trailers, BBQ’s and tools outdoors without worrying about the British weather.
  • Solar lights: Perfect for lighting up all the hard work you’ve been doing in the garden. Take a seat and watch the sunset!