Over the year we’ve been compiling a list of our favourite products which we’ve compiled into this ‘Top Tools’ list. With so many tools to choose from – spanners and scoops to pegs and pliers, check out what we think should be on your ‘must buy’ list for next year!

  1. Tent pegs - Tent pegs are the perfect tools for tents, gazebos, canopies, tarps, groundsheets, garden plants, etc. With so many uses, they had to make it to the top of our ‘Top Tools’ list! Our tent pegs come in 6mm and 10mm diameter.
  2. Trugs - The trusty trug is useful for so many things, we just had to put it on our ‘Top Tools’ list! We always have plenty of these stocked up for bulk buying, and returning customers love them.
  3. Scoops - Number 3 on our ‘Top Tools’: Top 6 for 2018 is the must-have scoop. Everyone needs to have this in their shed/workshop/home – it’s useful for anything and everything!
  4. Padlocks – Who doesn’t need a padlock at some point?! We sell these easy to use same-key padlocks in sets of 8 and 12. They are heavy-duty and water resistant, the bright yellow colour acts as a deterrent.
  5. Wire Wheels –Wire Wheels are great for cleaning and stripping large metals areas or for stripping paint from porous surfaces like wood. This set offers a unique variety of brushes, so it’s great for all types of uses!
  6. Cutting Discs – Buying in bulk or not? We have lots of regular customers who come in for more and more of these discs every month. That’s why they’ve made it to our ‘Top Tools’ list for 2018 - they must be good!

You can find all these products and many more hand tools and hardware as well as plenty more on our website!