10 Clevis Pins Securing Fasteners for R Clips Split Pins - Dia: 10mm L: 50mm

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We have many sizes in the Clevis Pins and can offer these pins at a great competitive price!


Pin Diameter (d)10mm
Pin Length 1(L1)50mm
Pin Length 2 (L2)4.5mm
Grip Length (G1)43.9mm
Hole Diameter (d1)3.2mm
Head Diameter (H) 18mm
Head Depth (T)4.0mm
Primary MaterialBright Zinc Plated
Number of Pieces10
Weight 10 Pins363 grams


Here is another type of fastener we have at Mandys Tools. The Clevis Pin!

Our Clevis Pins are unthreaded and have a domed head at one end and a cross-hole at the other end. A cotter pin (split pin) or R clip is used to keep the clevis pin in place.

We have many sizes ranging from 5 to 12mm pin diameter and length range 25 to 60mm.

Clevis pins will allow the rotation or swivel of the connected parts and are less adjustable and more secure. The pin can hold two parts in exactly one relative position and work to reduce looseness due to vibration. It is why clevis pins are often found in agricultural machinery.

These pins are commonly known to be used with a shackle. They are handy to have for farming equipment and sailboat rigging, as well as the automotive and towing, model aircraft and construction industries.

Clevis Pins are measured from under the head to the end of the pin.


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